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You will receive, one of each, Estate Pinot Noir, Estate Merlot and our Montage – a Bordeaux Style Red Wine Blend, a value of about $130. Unfortunately, this offer is only for California delivery as we are not licensed to sell in other states.

Ramspur Winery and Otton Vineyard in Napa Valley, CA

Situated in the lush, and beautiful Napa Valley of CA, Ramspur Winery proudly offers prestigious, critically acclaimed wines with incredible complexity and character. The high-quality organic offerings from our rich, fertile soil creates the succulent fruit which provides you a unique, and delicious experience in every glass.


It’s hard to match the unique, distinctive taste of an artisanal wine, grown, blended and bottled in the world-famous Napa Valley. Ramspur is proud to produce three exceptional varietals at our winery in Napa Valley, CA. Choose from a pronounced and complex Pinot Noir, an elegant and aromatic Merlot or a rich, ripe, full-bodied Bordeaux-Style Red Wine blend. Our wine making process is rooted in passion. We’ve worked hard to cultivate our vineyard in Napa Valley, CA, to refine our wine production and bottle our vintages.


  • Our winery is known for producing award-winning wines with unparalleled flavor, complexity and character.
  • Otton Family Vineyard is blessed by the great soil and wonderful climate located in the Los Carneros Appellation, providing grapes of exceptional quality.
  • As a boutique winery, Ramspur proudly offers you the finest, most satisfying Estate Pinot Noir, Merlot, and the Montage, a Bordeaux-styled red wine blend.

Experience the Refined Flavors of Ramspur Wines

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