Affordable Vintage Wines in Napa Valley, CA

Nearly 15 years ago, Nancy Otton, owner and new winemaker, began her labor of love with a passion that resonated into one of the Napa Valley’s accomplished venues. Abounding with a driving need to produce the best, Nancy and her team of dedicated experts, surpassed all expectations by creating a wine experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

The Name

Like the detail to our wines, Ramsupr Winery was also intrinsically named to represent its origin. Residing in the Los Carneros appellation, Ramspur takes its name from ‘Carneros,’ which means ram in Spanish, and marries it to our breathtaking spur of land that juts over Napa’s picturesque Carneros region.

The Ramspur name pays tribute to the region’s storied winemaking history and fertile soils, showcasing the uniqueness of the location and the wine in Napa Valley, CA.

The Vineyard

VineyardLocated in the Los Carneros Appellation our vineyards are blessed to have great soil and a climate that produces outstanding quality grapes. They are maintained, nurtured, and harvested by hand and are organically grown in our sustainable vineyards. We are not certified by any government run institution but have decided independently to farm in a responsible way to not only protect our soil, but to also embrace the environment around us.

Our Bottles

Toss away your corkscrews! Ramspur Winery uses special eco-friendly glass closures. Our elegant, reusable, recyclable closure provides a hermetic seal, preventing detrimental oxidation and damaging contaminants. Enjoy each drop knowing care goes into each flavorful bottle of Ramspur wines.